On too many occasions, festivals and events promote the sale of beer and spirits above everything else, which ultimately results in 'house' wine supplied as standard, and 'quality' wine as unimportant.

Glug Glug Glug is a mobile wine company who provide an ethical service of high quality wines at outdoor events and festivals.

• We provide wine by the glass, using biodegradable (high quality food-safe BPA-free polymer) stem-less glasses, served from the bottle, behind our bar area.

• All of our wines are served at the recommended temperature.

• Whichever option you choose, we recycle 100% of the materials used during your event.

• We are a fully licensed business, and our staff all professionally trained.

• All of our wine is supplied from independent suppliers and will not be found in any local supermarket

• We are able to provide you with advance samplings of all of our wines if required.